Susan's Recipes

Here are recipes from Susan Hattie Steinsapir, my late wife. Nearly all of these are original recipes with her comments and tips. Please enjoy and serve with a toast to Susan.



Main Courses


If you want some venison, but you're not a hunter, go out in the countryside, where you can find local meat stores which butcher the deer for hunters. Often, the hunters don't return to pick up their deer and you can buy it for a very low price, unofficially, of course. Go to any country supermarket and ask the butcher if he knows a butcher who'll prepare a deer for you. If it's not hunting season, you'd better add that you PLAN to have deer butchered in the hunting season. Very often, farmers have their own slaughtering facilities and they'll be able to cut up the deer for you and wrap it into packages.
Of course, you can do this yourself as well. I'm sure that Martha Stewart has a page or two about this somewhere.
If you've noticed, most of the venison recipes in American cookbooks are the same one: marinate it in red wine, bard it, and roast it. That's fine, but... that's it?
One of the best discoveries: our local German butcher shop turned 40 pounds of venison into nearly a hundred pounds of venison chorizo: that's a Mexican spicy sausage with venison. These are the best sausages in the West! If you have a few pounds, ask your local butcher to make some chorizo for you. After Susan completed this collection of venison recipies, she posted a notice to the rec.hunting newsgroup and told the boys "to come on over!" And they did! Dozens of hunters have sent Susan thank you e-mails. A restaurant in Canada features her recipes.

Side Dishes



Preserves, Jellies, and Jams


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