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Posted January 2020

I started blogging in 1994 before there was even a word for it. For a long time, I created pages by hand in HTML. In 2003, I began to use Blogger, which later became Google Blogger. In the mid-2010s, I switched to Wordpress and after a few years, I switched back to HTML. I continued blogging by hand.

But that doesn't matter anymore because blogging is over. People don't create new blogs, read blogs, or update blogs.

Google noticed people don't read old blog posts, so why index them? If you post to your blog, your posting will appear in Google for three months... and disappear. Go to your company blog and find a posting from 2012. Copy a sentence and search for it. It won't show up in Google.

Why do my blog postings from 2005 show up? Because I use HTML, not a blogging tool. Google ignores blogging tools.

Instead of blogging, use HTML and create a page with a list of articles. Write one-page articles and link them to the list. If you have archives that you want to keep for the public, convert them to HTML pages.

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