List of Services, Businesses, Markets, Products

I made a list of 51 services, businesses, markets, or products that are growing fast in these times of the Corona/COV19 pandemic. Many of these are essential services. These are hiring as fast as they can. The lists aren't prioritized.

If you know of services, businesses, markets, or products that should be on this list, please let me know.

Many services, businesses, markets, or products not on this list are obsolete because they didn't digitize their business in the last twenty-five years. Their websites are archaic. They don't use SEO or analytics. They lack automation, online ordering, online payment, and so on. They either lack or have poor digital marketing (advertising in search engines and social media, no email marketing, no SMS marketing, and so on). Many of these companies will disappear. For example, it's expected that 75% of the tens of thousands of family-owned restaurants in California will disappear by end of summer 2020.

Companies must switch from an "oh, yeah, we also have a website, sort of" attitude to a "our business is primarily digital" position. This doesn't mean, "let's add more pictures to our website". It means, use all possible digital tools: mobile website, mobile payment, email newsletters, social, QR codes, video conferencing, and so on. All of it.

To learn how to do digital marketing, see digital marketing webinars by me.

If you have a good job in one of these fields, do all that you can to improve your company. Digital also makes it very easy to consolidate companies into larger organizations, which gives them larger markets and lower costs. The next few years will eliminate the weak companies.

If you have friends who are looking for work, send this list to them. Here are opportunities. The old way is over and isn't coming back.

Good luck -- andreas


  • Hospitals, clinics to offer better information
  • Medical equipment manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Telemedicine

Death and Grief

  • Mortuary, funerals, cemeteries, crematoriums: ways for families to attend online, online wakes for families and friends
  • Psychological help, grief therapy, depression therapy, loneliness, and so on

Government Services

  • Websites city and state to offer better information
  • Trash collection and disposal
  • Food banks


  • Chemicals manufacturing
  • Water and wastewater
  • Utilities, telecommunications, fuel, natural gas, gasoline/petrol stations


  • News media: Print magazines and newspapers are over. Convert media sites into online sites and consolidate.

Business Services

  • Better websites
  • Solutions for better remote collaboration
  • Customer service workers at call centers
  • Remote interpretation
  • Order/payment/delivery solutions for restaurants, vegetable markets, hardware, supply stores, pharmacies
  • Security services
  • Convert restaurants into industrial kitchens w/ multiple menus
  • Building cleaners and janitors
  • Automation and robots
  • Vehicle (automobile, bus, truck) maintenance and repair
  • Logistics, transportation, warehouse, storage distribution, fulfillment centers
  • Consolidate local/chain stores into central warehouses with mail delivery (pharmacy, supermarkets, shops, and so on)


  • Mail and package services
  • Shipping services


  • Women’s personal products
  • Digital Gaming
  • Make and sell hand sanitizer or face masks


  • Banks (refinance, mortgage restructuring)
  • Transactions services
  • Remote payroll services

Legal Services

  • Lawyers are busy: contracts are broken, renegotiated

Real Estate

  • Real Estate: People learn to use remote work, they move from expensive cities to small towns with lower costs


  • Teach online: digital marketing, web development, computers, other skills

Social and Personal

  • Self-development, book groups, discussion groups online
  • Dating online
  • Group activities online
  • Couples counseling
  • Psychological help for depression, loneliness, and so on
  • Ways to reduce loneliness
  • Home exercise and fitness
  • Home cooking classes
  • Child care
  • Live performance with payment for solo performers in music, comedy, theater (one-man shows), children entertainment
  • Online adult entertainment
  • Charities


  • Pets as companions
  • Animal shelters for abandoned/rejected pets
  • Veterinarians for farm animals or pets