Webinars on Digital Marketing

I teach webinars on digital marketing for the DMA-NC every two weeks on Friday at 10 a.m. PST and available worldwide via the web.

These webinars are based on my in-person courses at INSEEC and CSTU. The information is detailed, technical, and in-depth; at the same time, easy to understand because I've taught the material to hundreds of students and trained dozens of staff and interns.

For each topic (SEO, analytics, etc.), there are three courses: Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced. After we cover the basics, I show you how to apply these skills. You get the course Powerpoints, audio recording that you can review as often as you like, spreadsheets, ebooks, sample code, and other material. It's all included.

Everything is in plain English with lots of examples and sample code that you can copy, edit, and use.

Along with advanced methods, I tell you the reality of doing digital marketing for small (zero-budget startups, mom-and-pop stores), mid-size ($10m to $1B), and global organizations ($1B to +$100B).

My experience: I led digital marketing at large global companies; I currently manage digital marketing for three global organizations; I teach at INSEE, CSTU, AcademyX, and the DMA-NC. I've also written 14 books on SEO; five are Amazon #1 Best Sellers.

Any questions, just ask.

The List of Webinars

  • SEO Fundamentals: The first session covers keywords. You’ll learn how to find thousands of keywords (including your competitors’ keywords!) and how to use those keywords to write your meta-tags. You’ll see how to test meta-tags to find the best one.
  • SEO Intermediate: In the second session, we cover meta-tags. How to find ALL of your competitors’ meta-tags. How to find your missing or duplicate meta-tags. How to edit your meta-tags. You’ll learn how to use a spreadsheet to write meta-tags to fit Google’s limits. You’ll also see a quick way to test meta-tags so you’ll have the best ones. You’ll learn free tools to find your meta-tags. We’ll also look at how to decide which pages to SEO (you don’t need to SEO every page). We’ll also talk about the Google updates (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, HTTPS, and mobile) and whether they af-fect your work.
  • SEO Advanced: Advanced SEO tactics. We’ll look at Google’s overall strategy for indexing and ranking. We’ll then look at how Google uses AI to index and rank pages, along with a sample website that ranks #1. We then dive into many technical issues, including broken links • Bounce rates (how to identify, how to fix) • Page speed (with quick fixes) • Make XML sitemaps and XML image sitemaps in only a few minutes • Edit EXIF meta-data • Find your site’s indexability • how to use 301s to fix 404s (and what that means in plain English!) • Set up an SEO help desk at your company • Do international SEO with HRefLang tags.
  • Google Ads Fundamentals: You’ll seen how a Google Adwords account is structured and we’ll do a a live walk-through of an Adwords account. You’ll see how to find 10,000 keywords, including your competitors’ keywords, and how to test those keywords to find the best keywords.
  • Google Ads Intermediate: We’ll cover how keywords, ads, and landing pages work together in Google Adwords. We’ll also look at how to use A/B Split Tests to test ads so you can develop the best ad. • You’ll see the various kinds of ads, plus additional settings that make ads for you. • We’ll look at the types of display advertising and how to work with those. • How to understand the data when testing Google Adwords. • The five type of match modes at Adwords. • You’ll get a solid understand of how Google Adwords works and how to use it.
  • Google Ads Advanced: The advanced session dives into the Adwords engine. How does the bidding actually work? How you can bid $0.25 and rank higher than a competitor who bids $5. What is Quality Score? • How to set bids, manage bids, and manage your budget. • Tool to manage several accounts. • Tools that lets you manage up to 300,000 keywords. • How to optimize the bids to get the most clicks at the lowest-possible cost-per-click. • How the Google Adwords bidding algorithm works (with examples). • How Google Adwords uses Quality Score to set your cost-per-click. • How to improve your Google Adwords Quality Score. • How to manage your bids and budgets.
  • Google Analytics Fundamentals: In Analytic Fundamentals, we’ll cover the theory, installation, and configuration of Google Analytics. • How to install Google Analytics • How to set up and use views, dashboards, export reports, and automated reports • How to set up and use custom alerts • Why use filters? How to install filters • How to deal with prior installations of Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Intermediate: In the intermediate analytics session, we will use Google Analytics live in the webinar, screen by screen, and show you the important items and how to understand the reports. This will include lots of real-world examples. We will cover the first two major sections of Google Analytics. • Audience: Who is visiting your website? • Acquisition: How did those visitors find your website?
  • Google Analytics Advanced: We will cover the last two major sections of Google Analytics: • Behavior: What are your visitors doing at your website? • Conversions: Which visitors are buying or registering at your website? • We’ll close with notes about the reality of using Google Analytics at companies
  • Use Social Media for Marketing: This covers the major social media platforms that you can use for digital marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Twitter: How Twitter works and how to use it for digital marketing.
  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator: We cover LinkedIn Sales Navigator for business development (bizdev) B2B lead generation

Course attendees can also ask follow-up questions by email.

Calendar for Webinars in 2019

All webinars on Fridays at 10 a.m. PST

  • Aug 09: How to Get the Most out of Twitter: Advanced Features and Strategies
  • Sep 13: Google Analytics Fundamentals
  • Sep 27: Google Analytics Intermediate
  • Oct 04: Use Social Media for Marketing
  • Oct 11: Google Analytics Advanced
  • Oct 18: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fundamentals
  • Nov 01: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Intermediate
  • Nov 08: LinkedIn Workshop
  • Nov 15: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advanced
  • Dec 06: Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Dec 13: Google Ads Intermediate

(Please let me know if I need to update or extend this calendar!)