Professional Workshops in Digital Marketing

By Andreas Ramos. Updated December, 2023

I teach digital marketing for people in marketing at the

My experience: I led digital marketing at large global companies; I was the CMO of a Silicon Valley startup; I'm an advisor to two Silicon Valley AI startups, I manage digital marketing for three global organizations; I'm adjunct professor at CSTU and INSEEC, a leading European university. I've also written 22+ books on SEO; five are Amazon #1 Best Sellers. See more about me.

  • My workshops are hands-on, practical, detailed, technical, and in-depth.
  • The workshops are two-hour sessions with three sessions for a total of six hours for each topic.
  • Everything in clear, easy English with lots of practical examples.
  • You get the complete set of slides, video recording of the presentation, handout material, ebooks by me, spreadsheets, additional ebooks, and sample code. All examples are written for you to copy, edit, and use.
  • These workshops are well-structured and easy to understand because I've taught hundreds of students and trained dozens of staff and interns.
  • The workshops are online via video conference Wednesdays and Fridays worldwide via the web.
  • Presentations are live, so you can ask questions during the presentation and immediate answers. You can also ask follow-up questions by email.
  • Presentations are also recorded so you can take the courses on your own schedule and ask follow-up questions by email.

Any questions, just ask.

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Calendar for the Digital Marketing Workshops

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