Y2M: Your Second Manual to the Atari ST, by Andreas Ramos

Y2M: Your Second Manual to the Atari ST by Andreas Ramos

Y2M was your SECOND manual to the Atari ST because the first one was so useless.

Easily the funniest and also most useful manual ever written for a computer. Along with lots of tips and inside information (such as how to take apart your monitor to increase the image size), there are puns, wordplay, jokes, hidden references, and chaos on every page. Go ahead. Read the index :-)

I've written more than 50 computer manuals for Silicon Valley computer companies: this has always been my favorite.

The book was printed as a large-format paperback in the late 1980s. In 2022, Richard Karsmakers found a printed copy, scanned it, and created this PDF.

To get the Y2M, right-click the link Y2M PDF (7.46 MB PDF) and select "Save Link As..."