LinkedIn Profile Optimization LPO by Andreas Ramos

How to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you show up when people search for you | By Andreas Ramos

Updated January 3, 2024 by Andreas Ramos

LinkedIn is the best place to find a job, build business connections, or get more money.

Do you know your LinkedIn score? Just as your credit score determines how much credit you get, your LinkedIn SSI Score determines if you show up in LinkedIn.

I wrote this ebook to explain how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can be found when you’re available for work.

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The three parts of LPO:

  • Edit your LinkedIn profile to get a high LinkedIn SSI score: Your SSI score should be in the top 20% of your industry and network).
  • Connect to others with high SSI scores: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find contacts. If they show up at the top of a search, they have high scores. Their SSI score improves your SSI score.
  • Be active in LinkedIn: Post to LinkedIn and comment on postings. Your activity is also part of your SSI score.

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