Mastering LinkedIn by Monte Clark & Andreas Ramos

Posted: August 5, 2019

Mastering LinkedIn for Professional Lead Generation | Book on B2B lead gen for business | By Monte Clark and Andreas Ramos

This isn't "yet another fix your LinkedIn profile to get a job" book.

This book is for B2B bizdev to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find leads and build connections.

You'll see LinkedIn works and how to use it for business development for your business. We cover Sales Navigator, a powerful hidden tool with advanced filters so you can search millions of members to find the ones for your business. You then use Sales Nav to learn about your leads, watch their activity, contact them, and develop business connections with them.

You'll also learn how to write posts that get tens of thousands of views. You 'll also learn how the LinkedIn ranking algorithm works.

The book is written in accessible English for everyone.

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Business Development

  • Use Your LinkedIn Profile for Inbound Marketing
  • Use Your Company Pages for Inbound Marketing
  • Use Your Connections for Inbound Marketing
  • Use Posts and Articles for Inbound Marketing
  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Outbound Marketing
  • Use LinkedIn Advertising for Outbound Marketing

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