The Big Book of Content Marketing, by Andreas Ramos

The Big Book of Content Marketing, by Andreas Ramos

The Big Book of Content Marketing, by Andreas Ramos. ISBN 978-0-9893600-0-5 USA. May 28th, 2013. 154 pages, illustrated, index. Available at Amazon in print or Kindle. In the USA by, in Paris by Betwin Press, and Mexico City by Jus. #BBoCM


80% of your digital advertising doesn't reach your audience. People delete cookies or use ad blocking software. There's a new solution. Use content marketing and people will come to you. This book shows you how to align your marketing with your company's business goals to meet top-line and bottom-line KPIs.

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The Big Book of Content Marketing, by Andreas Ramos

Get the Book: Available worldwide at Amazon. ISBN 978-0-9893600-0-5. 160 pages, illustrated, index. Pricing depends on your country and currency.

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Reviews: What Others Say about the Book

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Amazon Best Seller: Andreas Ramos

"Andreas Ramos is the finest thought leader and writer I know in the digital marketing field. I have read his prior books and applied his thinking successfully in my digital media businesses. His new book is the best: it is up to date, clear, easy to read and very insightful. Everyone interested in successful digital marketing should have this book on the top of their reading list!"
Angelina Forrest, Executive Director, SinoMedia Int'l Group

"With customers doing more and more product research before even ever speaking with a company, content is now king. Andreas Ramos captures the keys to making content effective in driving revenue for B2C and B2B marketers alike."
Bonnie Crater, President and CEO, Full Circle CRM

"Wondering what all the big fuss is about with content marketing? The Big Book of Content Marketing explains exactly why this dynamic practice is here to stay. This book demonstrates the incredible reach content marketing provides businesses while giving readers the inside track on industry best practices. Buy this book now and grow your sphere of influence!"
Cheryl Burgess, Author, The Social Employee, CEO, Blue Focus Marketing

"This book is loaded with facts and examples. I love the QR codes. This is an excellent book for the beginner or expert marketeer looking to build credibility into their marketing campaign. It's all about the money, and money comes from the funnel. This book shows you how Content Marketing pulls money from the funnel - which could land an investor for a startup or a bigger budget for your department. This one is definitely going into my Technical Marketing toolbox."
Craig Ellrod, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Citrix Systems

"The web is now part of our daily life, and high quality content is key for a top user experience. This book gives you basic insights on how to reach your ultimate target: the user, and how to listen to his real needs using a thorough approach based on reliable and measurable data. Concepts like salience, geodemographics, the 90/9/1 rule, help you understand how it really works. Andreas has a broad expertise to show you the tools for successful content marketing."
Fernando Moreno, Psychologist, Madrid

"This book provides insightful frameworks into content marketing with web technology in mind so that content can be best utilized, optimized, and tracked. Marketing professionals trying to find connections with customers will find this book invaluable."
Grace Hu-Morley, Sr. Manager, Solutions Product Marketing, Polycom

"Looking for the what, how, and why of content marketing - or customer-centric marketing as the author would have it - then look no further. I've been introduced to many books about content marketing, but rarely have I seen a book on the subject, which is both an easy read and a comprehensive guide to the what, how and why of creating a plan for marketing your product online. This book has something to offer for the rookies as well as the pros. Whether you are a student, marketing manager in a large organization or a small start up, you'll be able to draw up your own marketing road map by reading and following the advice given by Andreas in his new book. The book covers everything from the context in which content marketing should be placed to how customer-focused content, not sales people, can help your business grow."
Janus Boye, CEO, Boye & Co

"Andreas Ramos's latest book provides a fantastic overview of content marketing. It covers the full range of topics, from the basics of marketing to SEO, tracking, and metrics, all illustrated with meaningful and memorable examples. I highly recommend this book to any organization that is looking to get its message out and expand its client base. I also highly recommend this book to marketing students and course instructors. It would fit perfectly within any e-marketing, marketing communications, or marketing strategy course at the undergraduate, masters, or MBA level. For any audience interested in marketing, this book is a must-read."
Joe Lajos, Professor, Faculté des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC)

"Wow - my IQ just went up dramatically! The Big Book of Content Marketing is excellent. Not only did my content marketing intelligence rise exponentially, so did my overall digital marketing intelligence. I am going to recommend this book as mandatory classroom reading."
Jodi Gill, President, The Experts Bench

"Amazing. Chinese companies can learn the latest in Silicon Valley marketing. Andreas writes clear and accessible English for a worldwide audience. You must get this book."
Ken Chang, CEO,, Shanghai

"The Big Book of Content Marketing not only shows readers why content marketing will be vital to brands in the coming decade, but also how to activate your content team around industry-leading strategies proven for success. For brands looking to take the next step in building their online presence, this book is a must-read."
Mark Burgess, Adjunct Marketing Faculty, Rutgers University

"Content marketing is becoming an essential tool for changing your business with content that your customers need."
Pat McEntee, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Kairoic

"Out with vanity marketing and vanity metrics, in with The Big Book of Content Marketing. This book provides the tools to create, distribute, and measure the impact of your personal brand without the fluff."
Ryan Withop, Business Intelligence/Predictive Analytics, YouSendIt

"This is not one of those fluffy guides to marketing concepts. Actionable and intelligently written, The Big Book on Content Marketing reads like a blueprint for driving tangible results via the art and science of modern content and inbound marketing."
Shawn Naggiar, Chief Revenue Officer, Act-On Software


Statements are the opinions of individuals. Titles and affiliations are provided for identification purposes only and do not reflect the views of the institution.


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Overview of the Book: The Chapters

  1. How We Got Here: Advertising and the Web: Traditional advertising was based on traditional media's mode of production and distribution. Web 1.0's near-zero costs for reproduction and delivery is destroying traditional media's business model. Web 2.0 enabled the audience to research on its own and talk among themselves. Content marketing is built on these changes.
  2. The Basics of Marketing: How content marketing fits into the larger framework of marketing. To create good content, you first prepare the groundwork with business goals, branding, messaging, audience and the sales funnel.
  3. Creating Your Content: Content marketing is a collection of people, strategies, and tactics. We'll go through all of these to see how they are assembled together so you can choose the parts that work for you.
  4. The Hub-and-Spoke Model of Content: Let's step back and look at the Big Picture. What is the relation between your website, the content, the distribution sites, and your audience? Let's look at hub-and-spoke and the content engine. What's wrong with the hub-and-spoke model? Where's your audience?
  5. Your Active Audience 90/9/1: 1% of any audience creates new ideas, 9% talk about the ideas, and the remaining 90% follows the conversation. By reaching the 1%, you can reach the 99%. This chapter outlines the use of content marketing for influencer marketing.
  6. SEO and Content Marketing: This chapter looks at how search engines work. I have 15+ years experience in SEO and I'll tell you the secrets of SEO. The rise of Web 2.0 and social media however gave people the ability to find and share information with their friends. This means if you create very good content, it'll be distributed on its own.
  7. Advertising's Role in Content Marketing: Advertising has its place as a tactic in a content marketing strategy. You can use advertising to rapidly create awareness and drive traffic to a new product or service. This chapter shows you how to use PPC as part of content marketing.
  8. Tracking, Metrics, and Business Goals: The goal of content marketing is to support your company's business goals. That means top-line and bottom-line metrics, which are measured with KPIs, CPL, CPA, and so on. This chapter covers metrics, tracking, and KPIs. You can turn marketing into a measurable activity that supports business goals.



Files to download from my book:

  • The Top 1,000 websites: Incl. their monthly traffic
  • Brand Guideline Collection: A collection of 20 brand guidelines
  • The KPI eBook: Learn how to calculate KPIs, incl. CPL and CPA
  • Brand Guideline
  • Creative brief
  • Editorial calendar
  • Case Study for Content Marketing: A case study with complete metrics, tracking, CPL, and CPA.
  • Metrics spreadsheet (KPIs, CPL, CPA)
  • Press release template
  • Deleted Scenes: The Hidded Chapters
  • eBook on Digital Publish: How to use digital publishing to release your book worldwide

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July 8th

Article in Forbes about me, the book, and content marketing.

July 6th

Wrapped up the files and sent them to China. This includes the book, front cover, back cover, and illustrations. My wife Helen (Hong Zhihong) is Chinese and graduated from the University of Beijing. She will proofread the Chinese translation against the original in Englisht to ensure accuracy of the translation. I wrote the book in International English, which is easy for everyone to read. It's also very easy to translate.

July 4th

Signed the publishing contract with Editorial Jus in Mexico City. I gave them worldwide rights in Spanish. They will translate the book to Spanish and I'll proofread the translation. I sent them the text file, covers, and illustrations (30 MB of files).

The book is now available in Europe, Latin America, and North America. Still discussing with the publisher in China. We're close. I expect to have an agreement by the end of July.

June 5th

Preparing the campaign to reach influencers. I made a list of 54 influences in content marketing. I'll send an email to each one, along with a copy of the book.

The KPIs so far: Email is $0.10 CPL. Ads in Twitter are $0.09 CPL. LinkedIn raised their minimum to $2, so it's $2 CPL. Google Adwords is currently at $0.74 CPL (that will drop as I optimize the campaign.) Guess which one got shut down? In a month, I'll have final KPIs.

June 4th

A few minor errors in the text. These will be fixed and pushed out as a free upgrade to the digital book.

  • The word "black" somehow was converted into "light". In illustration 3, it states the ads were "lighted out", instead of "blacked out". In section 6.5, "light hat SEO" should be "black hat SEO", including
  • Joe Pulizzi's name disappeared. In Resources section, under "Additional Resources on Content Marketing": "An invaluable resource is the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), run by ." (The sentence should end "... run by Joe Pulizzi.")
  • I'm not happy with the appearance of tables. Amazon's format has problems with tables. We're looking at how to improve this.
  • Amazon moved the table of contents to the back of the book.
  • The Index: Amazon thinks an index can be replaced by a search box. A search box can only find exact match. An index however includes concepts and examples. I added an index of concepts in the book.

June 2nd

Many bugs in the layout. In the transfer from Word to Adobe InDesign, we forgot to change from US to French hyphenation rules. This was fixed, along with a few layout issues. A new file was posted to Amazon, which was automatically pushed out to everyone. Cool, no?

June 1st

Wow. That was quick! The book reached the #2 spot at Amazon's Best Seller list.

May 27th

Updating the web pages. Added the interviews. Rolling out ads in Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and others. Ads in North America, South America, China, and across Europe. All of these have tracking codes to track KPIs, incl. CPL and CPA. Constant flow of emails back and forth with team in Paris.

May 26th

Marianne McGlynn's site at includes the book.

May 25th

Updating the web pages. Added the interviews.

May 21st

Content freeze. No more changes to the book or cover, not even if we misspell the Dalia Lama's name. Carried out interviews with Chris Marriott (VP at The Relevancy Group) and Ken Chang (CEO at Minfon in Shanghai.) We're producing the layout files with inDesign and making tests at Amazon for both print and Kindle, plus Kobo, etc.

April 22nd

Setting up Amazon, Paypal, US ISBNs, metrics, and countless technical details. The illustrations were finalized this morning. Minor tweaks and corrections. There is still strong debate around the cover. We have different versions in different colors. That will be decided in the next few days and we start print production.

April 18th

Sending out ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) to various people for comments and reviews.

April 16th

Finished the final manuscript. Sent the document to Paris for layout.

April 15th

The Paris team registered the ISBN numbers for Europe.

March 10th

Setting up email list (MailChimp) and marketing automation (LoopFuse). Go ahead and sign up. Sign up for my free newsletter.

March 6th

Finished the second draft. Sent the document to editors for line edits. The deadline was noon today; Sent it at 11:44 am. On time. Sprinted for the last seven days. Now a sandwich, a shower, and two meetings.

Feb. 22th.

Reviewers sent back manuscripts. This ranged from a few pages of notes to extensive edits and suggestions throughout the entire document.

Feb 21st.

All day conference at Eloqua/Kapost on content marketing. Talked with people at large corps about their content marketing strategy.

Feb. 7th.

Finished the first draft. Sent it to 18 people for deep review and comments. When that comes back (deadline: Feb 22), I'll incorporate their comments and changes to finalize the second draft. It then goes March 15th to editing. Layout and production by March 31. Editing will be done by students in editing at UC Berkeley Extension. Release on April 2nd, 2013.

Jan. 4th.

Here's a draft of the design for the cover. On Tuesday, I'll present a draft of the book to friends in marketing. Wednesday, another presentation to a startup. On Thursday, I'm meeting with a friend who has a Ph.D. in statistics from Stanford and works as a data scientist in Silicon Valley; we're working out formulas to enable prediction of KPIs. It's a very good question why Google hasn't figured this out.

I'm also bringing an intern aboard to help with research. And I may have a publisher lined up for Europe. Busy week.

If you deal with marketing and you're in Silicon Valley, talk with me.

Dec. 31st.

Finished the TOC. Preparing the first of the public presentations for January 8th. Over the last three weeks, I've presented pretty much every two or three days to friends who are at startups or companies. They give me feedback, which improves the presentations and my understanding of the content. Tracking and Metrics are the key issues. The companies most-likely-to-succeed are the companies that use data-driven decision making. Studies show these companies have higher revenues and profits. As investors realize this, they will move their focus to these companies. The CFOs will demand metrics from CMOs and marketing. The days of "marketing is an mysterious art" are over.

Dec. 16th

Spent the last four days to test tracking across all channels, incl. page tracking, event tracking, and goal tracking. This includes tracking of pages, links, clicks on a page (events), registrations, leads, conversions, banner ads, PDFs, Powerpoints, press releases, emails, and so on. I can track traffic and results in all of these in analytics now. I'm building spreadsheets to tie metrics into an overview to display top-line and bottom-line KPIs.

I'm realizing that the focus of the book is the opening, where I show how CM can bypass the current model of advertising, and the last two chapters on tracking and metrics.

Nov. 28

I had lunch with SinoMedia, a major publisher in China. They will publish the Chinese edition of the book.

Nov. 25

Over the long Thanksgiving Weekend, I wrote the draft TOC and outline, plus built the initial pages for the book. Made many changes to, based on the idea of hub/spoke and to prepare for a content marketing strategy. If the book will be about content marketing, perhaps I should actually use content marketing myself? :-)

I went to Amazon and bought all of the books on content marketing. I also looked at the websites for the books, the authors' site, and the authors' blogs and Twitter accounts. Oddly enough, very few of them use content marketing themselves. They wrote a book about it, but they don't use it for their own books.

Oct. 26

The book project is evolving into content marketing, SEO, and influencer marketing.

Oct. 12

Lunch with a publisher to discuss another book. Pehaps a book around social media or similar.


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