eBook on KPI: Key Performance Indicators

The KPI eBook: Learn how to use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to calculate LTV (Lifetime Value), CPL (Cost per Lead), and CPA (Cost per Acquisition). With these three numbers, your marketing will be profitable.

All it takes is basic grade school math. It's easy to read.

The text was proofread by friends who are MBAs from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. It was also proofread by Silicon Valley CFOs.

The ebook is being taught at a number of MBA schools in the USA, incl. Tsing Hua University in Beijing.

The ebook is an excerpt chapter from my book Search Engine Marketing, published by McGraw-Hill, 2009. The book was also translated and published by Tsing Hua University Press in Beijing (2010) and in Taiwan by McGraw-Hill Taiwan (2010). The book covers SEO, PPC, analytics, KPIs, landing pages, microsites, and multivariate testing.

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KPI eBook for ROI, CPA, CPL