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I've written 18+ books. The ones below are up-to-date or relevant. The other books are out-of-date because things change so fast.

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Ad Fraud: How to stop fraud in your Google Ads and Facebook

Ad Fraud by Andreas Ramos (Sept 2020).

I saw many students and friends at startups, companies, and organizations didn’t understand the settings in Google Ads, Facebook, and so on. They lost money. I show you how to fix that. Get this book. It'll save you lots of money.

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization (LPO) | By Andreas Ramos and Monte Clark

LinkedIn Profile Optimization (LPO) by Andreas Ramos (May 2020).

Just as Google has an algorithm to rank pages and show the best ones at the top, LinkedIn also has an algorithm to rank profiles and show the best ones at the top. This ebook shows you how to improve your LinkedIn profile so you show up. If there's SEO (search engine optimization) for Google, then there's LPO (LinkedIn Profile optimization) for LinkedIn.

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Startup by Andreas Ramos

Startup by Andreas Ramos (second edition, Jan. 2019).

How to build your Silicon Valley startup, find co-founders, select accelerators, deal with investors, and sell your startup. Based on interviews with 26 founders, heads of accelerators, and VCs.

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Write a Book! by Andreas Ramos

How to Write a Book! by Andreas Ramos (August 2014. illustrated, index.)

When I told my friends I was writing a book on how to write books, they said, "OMG! I need that book!" Why write a book? You'll get opportunities. Speaking engagements, projects, jobs, invitations to join advisory boards with pre-IPO stock, and invitations to start companies.

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#TwitterBook, by Andreas Ramos

#TwitterBook by Andreas Ramos (2nd ed. Sept. 2014. 86 pages, illustrated, index).

Do you "get" Twitter? The inside scoop on Twitter. In only 86 pages, learn how to use hashtags, get followers, and use Twitter in plain English. Lots of details: What teens are doing on Twitter, how the police uses Twitter, and how to use Twitter in a disaster.

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KPI eBook By Andreas Ramos (Jan 2021)

You use KPIs to manage your business. Use basic math to calculate your KPIs, including Cost-per-Lead (CPL), Cost-per-Action (CPA), Average Order Value (AOV), Lifetime Value (LTV), Contribution Margin (CM), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Conversion Rate (CR), and other numbers. Over 50,000 downloads.

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SEO with Eight Birds by Andreas Ramos

SEO with Eight Birds by Andreas Ramos (June 2020).

I wrote a short guide in only eight pages for my students to do SEO for their own websites, their family's small business sites, and so on. Step-by-step, all links, and so on.

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