How to Write a Book!

How to Write a Book! by Andreas Ramos Amazon Best Seller

When I told my friends I was writing a book on how to write books, they said, "OMG! I need that book!”

  • Why write a book? A book brings you opportunities.

  • By writing nonfiction books, you get projects, jobs, speaking engagements, invitations to join advisory boards with pre-IPO stock, and invitations to start companies. And yes, dates.

  • You can write and publish your nonfiction book in 90 days. Yes, really!

#1 Amazon Best Seller

Within three days, the book became the #1 Amazon Best Seller in two categories: Publishing and Business Writing.

My Experience

I've written ten books on SEO and digital marketing along with more than 75 computer manuals. In this book, I show you how to write, publish, and distribute your book to support your career.

What They Say

“Wow, that’ll be really useful for me.” “Send me the rough draft, like, right now?” “I really need that book.” “When is this coming out?” "I wish I had this years ago." "Awesome!" -- Roslyn, Monte, Suzana, Patti, Ronda, Mario, Wendy

Non-Fiction vs. Fiction?

My book is for non-fiction. Fiction (novels, etc.) is different. It takes longer, there's a different way to write, and it's difficult to get readers. You can use my book to learn how to print your novel at Amazon, but everything else is different. If you want to write fiction, look at KM Weiland's site at

Get the Book

Get your book at Available worldwide (except the Middle East and parts of Asia).

For All Digital Devices

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Digital and Print

The book is both digital ($2.95) and paperback ($9.95).

Book Details

Published by, August 2014. 179 pages (printed), illustrated, index. #writebook, #amwriting, #author. Printed and distributed by Amazon. ISBN 978-0-9893600-5-0. ASIN: B00MOYSUNY


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