The Startup Audiobook

Book by Andreas Ramos and Narration by Fawn Alleyne

Startup by Andreas Ramos and narrated by Fawn Alleyne
  • How to build your Silicon Valley startup
  • How to find co-founders and founders
  • Find accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces
  • How to sell your startup: elevator pitches, pitch decks, venture capitalists (VCs), investment bankers, acquisition, due diligence, valuation, and more
  • 26 interviews with founders, heads of accelerators, lawyers, and VCs
  • Based on the #1 Amazon Best Seller by Andreas and narrated by Fawn Alleyne
  • Worldwide release June 1, 2019

Listen to Fawn Narrate a Sample from the Audiobook (3 min, 14 sec.)

How to Get Your Startup Audiobook

  • The Startup Audiobook by Andreas Ramos and narrated by Fawn Alleyne (English; 6 hours, 51 minutes)
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  • The book is also a paperback book and a digital ebook in English, French, and Korean at at Amazon worldwide
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Tips from the Audiobook and the Funny Stuff (3 min, 06 sec.)

The Story behind the Startup Audiobook

Fawn Alleyn narrating the Startup audiobook

Join Fawn for a behind-the-scenes look into the audio production process. See how Fawn Alleyne in Montreal, Quebec collaborated remotely with Andreas in Silicon Valley; the challenges they faced; and what they learned along the way. Watch Fawn's video for the audiobook. Subscribe to Fawn's Youtube channel to be notified when she posts more behind -the-scenes videos.

TV Interview with Andreas about Startups

Jennylyn Gleave interviewed Andreas Ramos in Palo Alto for a Silicon Valley TV show. See the video at Youtube.

Supplemental Content for the Startup Audiobook

The links from the audiobook:

More Stuff about Startups

For a list of clickable links, free downloads, further reading, startup blogs, associations for startups, and list of the interviews, go to a