How to Make Your Own Custom AIs in OpenAI GPT-4

How to Make Your Own Custom AIs in OpenAI GPT-4. Book by Andreas Ramos

By Andreas Ramos. Updated January 4th, 2024

Make an OpenAI GPT: A quick 48-page book (paper or ebook) on how to create GPT in OpenAI ChatGPT. It includes an example of an easy GPT and an advanced GPT with RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) with full numbered steps and examples. How to distribute your GPT. Notes about GPTs. Conclusion with comments about the future of GPTs.

Written in plain language with lots of examples, additional information, and links.

The book is organic and free range. Written by me. No AI-generated text.

You Can Build Your Own AI

You can build your own custom AIs in ChatGPT-4 that use your instructions, your data, and your actions.

  • You write plain English. No code. (You can also write in other languages).
  • ChatGPT’s AI walks you through the steps to make one.
  • You can make a basic GPT in ten to fifteen minutes. (By now, I can make one in less than seven minutes).
  • Your GPT can create images. It can browse the web to look for more information.
  • It can analyze mathematics, spreadsheets, and computer code.
  • You can add your files and documents (text, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.) for it to use as reference. For example, you can upload your company’s instruction manuals so people can ask your GPT how to use your devices. This uses RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), which improves the quality of your results. Easy to do.
  • Your GPT works in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and many other languages. People can type in their language, and it'll reply in that language.
  • Just as we build websites, you can build GPTs for yourself, your friends, your team, your company, clients, or the public.

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