Ylva Hagner: Missing Since 1996

Ylva Hagner

Ylva Hagner's memorial plaque


Friends marked the anniversary of Ylva Hagner's disappearance on October 14, 1996 by holding a memorial service in Palo Alto's Arastradero Preserve. About 30 people gathered around a newly-planted California Live Oak Tree in the hills above Palo Alto and exchanged stories and remembrances of Ylva.

The service evoked the memory of a kind, funny woman. A tree is an especially appropriate memorial for Ylva, because she loved nature and the outdoors.

As a full moon rose over the hills, friends lit candles (something Ylva would have loved) and placed them in a circle around the tree.

Marshall Bern led the ceremonies by saying the candles represented "not hope, but remembrance. (...) We should remember Ylva as more than someone who disappeared. I remember her as a vivid, energetic, wonderful person with this marvelous angelic face. She made every activity special".

The tree stands near the highest point in the park on the site of the original ranch house.

Ylva's Tree is growing very well.

Help Us Find Ylva Hagner

  • March 1998: Ylva's case is still unsolved. If you have any information about Ylva's disappearance, please contact the police:
  • Belmont Police by email or telephone at 650.595.7400
  • Palo Alto Police, Detective Luis Verbera: tel. 650.329.2348
Native wild flowers at Ylva's tree...

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Here is the web analytics report for web traffic to andreas.com/missing/index.html (Ylva's webpage):

Ylva Hagner
  • Data from July 2007 to March 2015
  • About 10-15 visits every month
  • There was a spike (80 visits in one day) on Saturday, July 12th, 2014. The spike was due to a newspaper series in Sweden about Swedes who've disappeared. Two days later, it went back to normal.
  • Visits have been going since October 1996: nineteen years now. Visits have not stopped.