Do you want to help with the planning? The job requires a run-away imagination.

  • Most of you know special wines, food, and so on. Your suggestions, ideas, and so on are most welcomed.
  • Please let me know if you can bring musical instruments. Someone should produce the song books.
  • Let's limit the party to about 30-40 people. Dogs and kids are welcomed. Can someone bring a pair of penguins? As guests, not appetizers.
  • Y2K is Friday night, so let's party from early to late Sunday. There's bedrooms for those who want to nap and I'll arrange hotel rooms within walking distance so that you can come and go.
  • We'll collect bios and photos from each of you and post them to this web site, so that you'll know everyone before you arrive.
  • To cover the expenses, it'll be $100 per person.
  • I'll hire several people to help with the food and so on. Don't worry about the mess afterwards. A cleaning service will sweep it all away.

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