The Party

The Plan

Let's party for twenty-four hours. A toast as Y2K crosses each time line and a tidbit of the following... We start off in New Zealand with tidbits of roast lamb. Y2K reaches Japan and sushi and saki reach the table. As it crosses China, Gung hay fat choy! Indian breads. Persian rice specialties. It walks across Europe on German sausages, Danish beer, French cheeses, Italian pastas. At Greenwich, it's English beer, gin martinis, and roast beef. As Y2K moves across the Atlantic, we bring out the Atlantic crabs and Maine lobsters. As Y2K slides into New York City. New York strip steaks (prime grade) slide onto the grill. Y2K gallops across the USA, celebrating glazed hams, roast turkey, and venison. Y2K gets to California at midnight and it's West Coast cuisine, Mexican food, and Seattle smoked salmon. With Hawaii there will be tropical drinks.

The Food

And spectacular salads, aromatic soups, exotic treats, and a dozen cakes and pies from gourmet bakeries. The tables will be covered with the best chocolates, pastries, and treats. Lots of fresh fruits. There'll be outdoor grills too. If it can be shot, chased, hooked, watered, or steamed, we'll serve it.

The Drinks

French wines, the best Scottish single malt whiskeys, martinis, and enough champagne to float the millennium. Colombian coffee, gourmet tea, French sparkling ciders, everything.

The Setting

The silverware will be silver, bien sur. Linen table cloths and enough candles that they'll see us from the moon. Printed menus. Fresh flowers everywhere. Music too. Photos. What else? Throughout the night, campfires with music and marshmellows. A big screen TV to watch the Millennial Rose Parade and for those who want to watch the football games. Video tape the party. Confetti, party horns, balloons, pinatas, and so on.

More to Come...

Let me know what you'd like for your party of the millennium. Let's make the rest of the planet wish they were here with us for a party that you'll remember decades from now, that your great-grandkids on Mars won't believe.

When the Y2K bug bites the computers and the world shuts down, we'll be okay with enough food and drink until the US Marines show up.

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