How to Make Your Own Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer

It's easy to make aloe vera hand sanitizer to protect yourself against Coronavirus COV-19 COV19. Here are the steps:

  1. The hardest part is to find an aloe vera plant. Aloe vera grows wild in many yards along the fence.
     find an aloe vera plant
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut off a few thick leaves. Five or six mid-size leaves will make about one pint (475ml). Don't cut too many; you can always make more.
    cut off a few aloe vera leaves
  3. A thick yellow fluid drips out the cut. I've read this can irritate the skin so don't let it drip on you
  4. To get rid of the yellow liquid, put the leaves in your sink and let them drain for about ten minutes.
    drain the aloe vera leaves
  5. Rinse off the leaves. I trim off the thin pointy end; there isn't much you can get from the end.
    trim the aloe vera leaf
  6. This step is optional. Use a small sharp knife to trim off the spines.
    trim the aloe vera leaf spines
  7. Cut the aloe vera leaf into short six-inch sections. This makes it easier to handle. However, once you've done one or two leaves, you can skip this part.
    cut the aloe vera leaf in short sections
  8. Now carefully trim off the top of the section. This exposes the inside of the leaf.
  9. Use a soup spoon (or any spoon) to scoop out the insides of the leaf.
    scoop out the aloe vera leaf
  10. Slide the spoon along to scoop out the leaf.
  11. Bingo! You have aloe vera. Go ahead, eat a bit of it. Tastes somewhat like cucumber.
    you can eat aloe vera
  12. The rest is easy. Collect the aloe vera in a cup.
  13. Put the aloe vera in a blender, set it on High, and blend it for five minutes or so.
  14. Add 90% alcohol (isopropyl or ethyl, doesn't matter) to the aloe vera.
  15. The mix should be two parts alcohol and one part aloe vera (two-thirds alcohol, one-third aloe vera).
  16. Pour into a container (plastic, glass, doesn't matter).
  17. Optional: If you like, add four or five drops of lavender oil (or similar) for fragrance.
  18. Fill small plastic squirt containers for your pocket, purse, car, and so on. You can use left-over hotel shampoo bottles and so on. Fill a bunch of these and give to friends.

That's all!

Why mix aloe vera with alcohol? You can use plain alcohol, but it dries out your skin and you'll get cracked skin. The aloe vera moisturizes the skin.

Instead of cutting an aloe vera plant, you could also buy a jar of aloe vera at any pharmacy, but these days, that's hard to find.

Because it has so much alcohol, it'll keep forever. You can leave it on your kitchen counter or in a shelf.

Note: Washing your hands for twenty seconds is more effective. Use hand sanitizer when you can't wash your hands.

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