Prompt Crafting for Digital Marketing

Prompt Crafting for AI and ChatGPT by Andreas Ramos

By Andreas Ramos. Updated December, 2023. A quick 28-page ebook on how to write prompts for digital marketing, with OpenAI ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing Chat, Google Bard, Anthropic Claude, and other Language Model Machines (LLM). This explains how prompts work and how to use them to get better results.

I wrote this for my friends, students, and anyone interested in digital marketing who asked questions, tried new strategies, discovered new ideas, and talked with me about AI, ChatGPT, and prompt crafting. Get it as a free Kindle ebook at Amazon or a PDF from

This ebook is from the opening section in my course on AI for marketing. I teach university-level corporate-quality courses on how to use AI for marketing. Learn more at workshops.

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Additional Recommended Reading for AI and LLM

Useful books and articles about artificial intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM). When you find good articles or books (in English, Danish, German, or French), let me know. I update this every few weeks.

Understand ChatGPT

I strongly recommend these to start. Read them several times until you understand them. This will let you understand the rest of these links.

OpenAI and LLM AI Microsoft and LLM AI Meta and LLM AI Google and LLM AI Nvidia and LLM AI
  • 2023 Nvidia Keynote (video). What Nvidia is doing in many different fields. Go to 36:27 and 53:26 for interesting stuff.
  • "Chip War" by Chris Miller. What are GPU and why they matter for AI (book). Strongly recommended.
General Essays and Books about AI and LLM Prompt Crafting with LLM AI