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Make an OpenAI GPT Prompt Crafting for AI LinkedIn Profile Optimization (LPO) | By Andreas Ramos Yes, how to write your book by Andreas Ramos An ebook on KPIs by Andreas Ramos Mastering LinkedIn for Professional Lead Generation | Book on B2B lead gen for business | By Monte Clark and Andreas Ramos The Startup book in Korean by Andreas Ramos The Startup book en français by Andreas Ramos Startup en español by Andreas Ramos and translated by Edgar Estanislao and Gala Gil Amat Startup as an audio book by Andreas Ramos and narrated by Fawn Alleyne The book about how to build Silicon Valley Startups by Andreas Ramos Twitter en français. How to use Twitter, translated to French #Twitterbook about Twitter by Andreas Ramos All about content marketing by Andreas Ramos Search Engine Marketing by Andreas Ramos and published by McGraw-Hill Search Engine Marketing by Andreas Ramos. Translated to Chinese by Tsinghua University Search Engine Marketing by Andreas Ramos. Translated for Taiwan An ebook on PPC by Andreas Ramos Another ebook on SEO by Andreas Ramos An hands-on ebook on SEO by Andreas Ramos Insider SEO. The basics of SEO by Andreas Ramos Ad Fraud: How to stop fraud in your Google Ads and Facebook. HTML Web Design by Andreas Ramos Your Second Manual for the Atari ST by Andreas Ramos

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  • (Jan. 2024) Andreas Ramos: Author of 22+ books (seven Amazon #1 Best Sellers) on digital marketing. Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing. 30+ years in Silicon Valley. Updated January 2024.
  • (Jan. 2024) GPT book. A short book (paperback or ebook) on how to create your custom AI with OpenAI ChatGPT. Go Make an OpenAI GPT.
  • (Jan. 2024) LPO. LinkedIn Profile Optimization (LPO). Updated my LPO ebook. Go LPO ebook.
  • (Oct. 2023) Prompt ebook. I wrote a 28-page ebook on how to write prompts for ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing Chat, Google Bard, Anthropic Claude, and other Language Model Machines (LLM) artificial intelligence (AI). Go Prompt Crafting for Digital Marketing.
  • (June 2023) I added an AI to Click my cat (bottom right corner) and ask him about anything that's on See how I added AI to my website.
  • (Sept. 2023) AI + Marketing. My master course on AI for marketing is online via Zoom, both live and recorded. see Andreas' Course on the Use of AI in Marketing. (Feb. 2023)
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  • I teach at Omnes Education San Francisco, California Science and Technology University (CSTU), and the DMA-NC. Join my university-level, live courses in digital marketing in AI, SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics 4.0, LinkedIn Profile Optimization (LPO), and more.
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